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Hi, my name is Emma Dabb. I am an accredited Myers-Briggs (MBTI) consultant, a qualified counsellor and hold degrees in commerce and psychology. As a coaching consultant, I have a proven track record for creating rapid change in teams and individuals through individual coaching, customized workshops and unique personality assessment. 


It would be my pleasure to guide you on your journey to becoming the best possible version of you.  

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Myers-Briggs  Personality 

Used globally, this instrument is used to identify your unique psychological type and has a wide variety of applications including Career Development and exploration, Personal Development and Academic Counselling for students. Click here to find out more.  



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Personal Coaching

I am a human behaviour and mindset specialist who can help you reset your path for increased happiness and success. Click here to find out how


Workshops & Seminars


I run a range of fun, creative, interactive and experimental workshops to achieve targeted outcomes for you and your team (such as team development, improved communication and managing change...)

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Student Coaching
High School can be a challenging and confusing time.  I help students gain more clarity and confidence in making subject choices and university preferences through individual personality assessment and consultation.   Click here to find out more.  

I'm Emma Dabb:

Organisational Coach, Career Consultant, Life Coach, Public Speaker & Facilitator

I was very relaxed during our sessions together. Even talking about very personal issues I felt at ease.  The sessions were very flexible, if an issue came up at the beginning of a session, this is what we talked about.

Emma has a lovely easy going way about her, I never felt judged in any way.


-Rosemary H, Mental Health Professional and mother





I enjoyed our 6 coaching sessions together as Emma is warm, funny, witty and has beautiful soul. She radiates such a positive energy and it motivated me to achieve my goals.  I always left feeling very happy and inspired after our sessions.  The most important thing I have learned about myself  during this process is that no one is responsible for your own happiness and achieving your goals but yourself.


-Sharon G, Business Manager

I was confused and really scared about my future.  All my friends seemed to know what courses they wanted to do at uni.  Emma helped me understand my personality type through the MBTI Assessment & I learned what careers would suit my type.  I'm now excited about wring my uni preferences, instead of terrified! 


-Samantha J, Year 12 Student





“My coaching sessions with Emma were extremely valuable... She
is extremely professional, personable and real, and has a passion for what she
does. I highly recommend her. ”


-Maureen P, Business Coach, Trainer & Keynote Speaker

I am so grateful for my time with Emma.  I was working in a bar full time after having failed another subject at University.  She helped me get clarity about who I am and what I value in life.  


I am now happily studying a course at University that I am passionate about, and I know it suits my personality type.   I am excited about what the future holds...


Bianca T, Student (Bachelor of Education, Primary Teaching)



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