7 Fabulous Reasons to Fast

It's a buzz word at the moment, 'fasting' but what's so good about it? And does intermittent fasting really work? There's plenty of scientific evidence to prove it does work and Dr Michael Mosley lays out the evidence clearly for you (www.fastdiet.co.uk). In summary, his 5:2 diet consists of eating normally 5 days per week and fasting 2 days a week. Before you freak out, you can actually consume 500-600 calories on fast days so it's actually easier than it sounds! Here are 7 fabulous reasons to peak your interest in intermittent fasting:

1. weight loss

2. look younger

3. live longer

4. reduce risk in getting age-related diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia

5. improved mood

6. increased energy levels

7. improved cardiovascular (heart) health

Intermittent Fasting

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