End of Financial Year Offer, Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment: $199 reduced from $

***Offer open to first 7 people to contact me with the code: mindendfin18

Because you deserve to live your best life possible...

Celebrating the end of a great financial year and the launch of my new & improved website, I want to give you the chance to have your best year yet with this generous offer.

What's included in this awesome offer:

*the online MBTI assessment *1.5 hour consultation with myself *Myer Briggs Type Booklet (explaining about Type) and *Exploring your Myers-Briggs Type Workbook

*A printed copy of your MBTI results & accompanying report

Emma Dabb is an accredited MBTI Practitioner Want to learn more about yourself? Want to appreciate differences between yourself and others? Want self-development to give you strategies to improve the way you: Communicate Manage conflict Work in a team Solve problems Improve relationships Make Career Choices? (Myers Briggs has a careers report which matches your personality to the ideal industry and jobs given your unique personality type.) If you answered yes, contact me now. $199 includes online test and one on one individual consultation interpreting and explaining your results 😃 Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator- world’s longest standing personality assessment for over 70 years

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