Shebah Ride Share- Keeping women and kids safe

This year I discovered Shebah - Australia's only all-female driver ride share who get women and kids where they need to go. I had to share this brilliant service - in case you haven't heard of it yet, here it is! Like most women, at times I have felt vulnerable in a taxi and Uber being alone with a male driver. Discovering Shebah has taken this fear and vulnerability away. Their drivers are all women. It's like driving in a car with a friend! All their drivers are so friendly and welcoming- we have really great chats! I have used Shebah on my own and I have also used it for my daughters when I'm unable to pick them up. Just a few weeks ago I was ill in bed and it was great to be able to order a Shebah for my 11 year old to bring her home from the party (because I didn't have the strength!) I was able to communicate with the driver via text which made me relax and feel happy that my daughter was in good hands. I also love the fact that we're empowering female drivers, supporting them to economic opportunity. Win Win! You can prebook up to two weeks in advance and they have baby capsules and booster seats that you can request for your child.

Download the App today and experience it for yourself... I'm a happy customer!!!

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