7 tips to enhancing emotional wellbeing during lockdown

by Emma Dabb

The impacts of Covid-19 Outbreaks, isolation and physical distancing can cause feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. Often in times of stress, we neglect our self care routines, just when we need it them the most. Read these 7 tips to learn what you can do to look after your mental health during these stressful times...

  1. Look after your physical health

When we're stressed, it can be easy to turn to comfort eating and sitting on the couch, zoning out watching Netflix. However evidence supports a strong link between physical health and mental health. So to boost your emotional wellbeing make sure you're eating well, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep,

2. Stay connected

Just because we're social distancing, doesn't mean we can't stay connected to friends and loved ones. Have a chat with your neighbour (keeping 1.5m distance), video calling, phone calls and online forums. Socialising is key in maintaining good mental health and reducing ones risk in getting depression.

3. Develop new routines

Being in lockdown can throw us off balance in many ways, including when it impacts our daily routine. This increased uncertainty can increase ones stress levels. To combat this, introduce some certainty into your life by creating new routines. for example/ at 10am have green tea in the garden, at 12.30 have a lunch chat with colleagues via video chat, at 5.30pm do online yoga class, at 6.30pm have dinner with family.

4. Take Breaks

Be kind to yourself and take regular breaks. Little snippets of 'self care' will add to your feelings of wellbeing. Set an alarm on your phone every hour to remind yourself to do a self care exercise eg/ slow breathing, stretching, a walk around the block, dance to your favourite song.

5. Reach out to others

It's not only good for them, it's good for you too. Not everyone copes well during lockdowns and being isolated. Some people are at risk of being more stressed than others. Reach out to them, make sure they're doing okay. Acts of altruism are beneficial to you because they can provide a sense of purpose, increase confidence and happiness and bring about a sense of control and optimism.

6. Seek support if you need it

There is no shame in seeking support if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. In fact it's courageous and beneficial to your wellbeing if you do reach out. Contact a supportive friend or family member. Reach out online to support groups. Seek professional help - counsellors and psychologists can do telehealth appointments now, so you don't have to go in to their office. Here are some services you may find helpful:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) mental health campaign resources

A collection of video and audio resources for you to share important messages around mental health.

Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Beyond Blue are providing information, advice and strategies to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hotline 1800 512 348

Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service


Contact Lifeline for support if you are experiencing a personal crisis or have suicidal thoughts. You can call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in Australia.

Lifeline 24-hour crisis line 131 114

Lifeline Australia

Kids Helpline contact

Kids Helpline provides a free, private and confidential phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25. The service is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in Australia.

1800 551 800

Kids Helpline

Suicide Call Back Service

Call the Suicide Call Back Service for immediate, professional 24/7 telephone and online counselling to people who are affected by suicide.

1300 659 467

Suicide Call Back Service

7. Stay Informed and Up to date

It's important to stay up to date with what's going on and what is factual. However make sure that you're not checking too often, because this can be anxiety inducing. Also, make sure you're only looking up information from trusted sources such as Australia.gov.au and health.gov.au and:

Coronavirus Australia app

Stay up to date with official information and advice about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. You can check your symptoms and get notified when urgent information and updates are published.

Coronavirus Australia app

Stay up to date with official information and advice about the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. You can check your symptoms and get notified when urgent information and updates are published.

To stay up to date on COVID-19:

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