Reasons People See a Life Coach....

by Emma Dabb

People often ask me - why do people come to see a life coach? My answer... because they don't like the road they are on. There can be many reasons for not liking your current path. Some people don't even know, they come to me feeling stuck, not knowing why and just know that they want life to be different. Other's come with specific goals like wanting a new job, a career change, wanting to be more assertive, to get a promotion, needing help to make a difficult decision, to be held accountable, feeling bored or unmotivated at work and not knowing what to do or to improve a relationship. I've also had people just coming to bounce business ideas off me, where I've been a sounding board and that is what they have wanted.

A life coach is trained in asking the right questions to get you seeing your road/world from different view points. It is through exploring things from different angles that one gets perspective and the clarity they need to move forward. A life coach will explore the road you're on, ask you questions to understand your values, use those values to explore the road you want to be on and to uncover how you are going to get there...

A common response I get from clients is "wow, I've never thought about that!" to one of my questions. This is a great response... it means that we are entering territory that you have not explored before, which is exactly why you come to see a life coach. To discover new territories and to broaden your comfort zone. It is a journey, that can be challenging at times, but is ultimately rewarding.

Want to learn more? Email me and arrange a complimentary 15 minute phone consult to talk about how life coaching can help you...

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