“What I gained from my time with Emma:

Self Awareness: It has been such a long time since I had sat down and actually concentrated on just myself.  I was forced to think about things that I had previously brushed aside and truthfully had a good look at where I was and where I actually wanted to be.

Being Heard: It was so lovely to have someone listen without judgment.

Shift in Outlook: Being able to look at things from a different perspective helped me to change so many parts of my life.

The most important thing I learnt is that when you release control you gain greater control and happiness. The Forgiveness Framework has allowed me to handle others opinions and judgments in a healthier and simplified manner.

Knowing that I have the skills to deal with problems makes problems less intimidating.

What I enjoyed most about my time with Emma:

1: I Loved the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the session and your genuine interest and wonderful pearls of wisdom.

2: They were a safe soft bubble to fall apart within.

3: I felt so indulged and pampered. Where else can you work through your issues with a caring, smiling and non-judgmental friend by your side, who, not only knows what she is talking about, yet also, only has your best interest at heart.

4: I liked having someone checking up on me as it ensured that I was accountable.”


-Simone M, Teacher, Trainer & Mother

“Working with Emma assisted me to gain clarity about what I really want in life.
The most important thing I learnt about myself is that I have a right to have my needs met and to do whatever it takes to create a happy life for myself. Everyone else’s needs don’t always have to come first.

I was very relaxed during our sessions together. Even talking about very personal issues I felt at ease.  The sessions were very flexible, if an issue came up at the beginning of a session, this is what we talked about.

Emma has a lovely easy going way about her, I never felt judged in any way.

-Rosemary H, Mental Health Professional and Mother

“My experience with Emma has helped me to:

a.) follow through. Not just talk about it, but actually take action.

b.) Remembering that doing what I love, enjoying the process and having FUN is IMPORTANT.

c.) Realising that the best approach to achieving my goals is with balance and in accordance with the bigger picture of my life.

The most important thing that I learned about myself is that I am the one creating the reality of my life. Emma became a wonderful companion who I could rely on to gently shine light on some things I needed to see and do it in such a supportive and non-judgemental way. Emma’s positivity has rubbed off on me. I feel blessed.”

-Allison R, Teacher and Spiritual Healer

“I would love to share the benefits I experienced from my time with Emma: losing 7 kilos, feeling happier in myself and having a great sense of relief & freedom from leaving my sales job which I was miserable in.  I enjoyed our 6 coaching sessions together as Emma is warm, funny, witty and has beautiful soul. She radiates such a positive energy and it motivated me to achieve my goals.  I always left feeling very happy and inspired after our sessions.  The most important thing I have learned about myself  during this process is that no one is responsible for your own happiness and achieving your goals but yourself.”

-Sharon G, Business Manager

“My coaching sessions with Emma were extremely valuable.  Through a variety of thought provoking exercises, powerful questioning and insightful discussions, she helped me learn more about myself and focus my energy more effectively to get the important things done.  I was able to get momentum for the new year in my business and personal life and am very grateful for her support.  She is extremely professional, personable and real, and has a passion for what she does. I highly recommend her. ”

-Maureen P, Business Coach, Trainer & Keynote Speaker

“Working with Emma at Mindful Inspiration was such an enjoyable and motivatingexperience.  Emma’s passion for her work and her ability to put you at ease made the process of discussing personal concerns and challenges in your life a comfortable and positive experience.   She assisted me to look at things from different perspectives and develop strategies to take control of my life andmake the changes necessary to move in the direction I wanted to go.  I would leave each session energised, positive and excited about all future possibilities”

-Rachel C, Secondary Teacher

“I’ve found the ‘Life Coaching’ sessions with Emma to be extremely helpful to realise my priorities and set achievable goals. Emma’s practical advice has helped me to crystalize answers to the difficult choices I had to make in my professional and private life -Thanks Emma!”

-Vaughan M, Vocational Education Teacher

“Working with Emma was a great help to me!  Emma’s non-judgemental and gentle guidance, her creative insights and unwavering support helped me to gain valuable perspective around my family relationships.  These relationships have been contentious for as long as I can remember and previously caused me great distress.  However, thanks to working with Emma, I now have improved confidence, my family relationships are enhanced and I feel more empowered and in control of my life.”  

–Zoe G, Corporate Hospitality Coordinator

“Listening to the CD: 7 Secrets to a Successful Mindset motivated me to re-evaluate my life goals and take action towards self

-Sarah C, Town Planner and Proud Mum